Born in the nordic countries, saunas are renowed for their body and mental healts benefits. Using german or finnish technology mixed with top quality materials, our saunas provide best quality and safety.

Available sauna types:

  • Traditional sauna – temperatures of 70 to 100 degrees Celsius, low humidity;
  • BWT Sauna – 3 types of sauna: Gentle sauna (50-60 degrees Celsius. high steam), Flexi-sauna (60-80 degrees Cesius, medium humidity) si Hot&Dry sauna (80-100 degrees Ceslius, low humidity);
  • Bi-o sauna – 50-60 degrees Celsius, high humidity;
  • IR (Infrared) sauna – temperatures 30-40 degrees Celsius, normal humidity;
  • Salt sauna – temperatures 70 to100 degrees Celsius, low humidity;
  • Boat sauna – the aspen wood chips used to build the sauna give the steam a unique mild pleasant aroma and humid feeling even at 130°C.
Traditional sauna
Bi-o Sauna
BWT Sauna
IR (Infrared) Sauna

Salt Sauna

Boat Sauna Typ 2

Boat Sauna Typ 3

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