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Fiberglass Pools

Polyester or prefabricated pools are the solution to hot summers. Having one installed in your garden will make the hottest days more refreshing and fun.


What are polyester pools?

They’re pools made using resin and fiberglass. It is important for the pool to have been manufactured in one piece; otherwise it may begin to leak over time.
It’s also essential to ensure that the highest quality paints (gelcoat), glass fibres and resins are being used, to guarantee many years of durability.

Main features

Customising: There are hundreds of models of polyester pools, so we’re sure you’ll find the one perfect for you. We can’t generally customise the shape for each client, but we can customise the colour, spotlights, jets, etc.
Fast installation: When the pool has been delivered to your home, you’ll have it installed in a few days. You won’t have to put up with months of works, as is the case with construction pools.
Price: Polyester pools are normally cheaper than construction pools. Not just the purchase price, but over their entire useful life.
Maintenance: They’re also cheaper to maintain than other pools. The smooth Gelcoat surface prevents algae or fungi from adhering. You just have to maintain the correct pH and run the cleaning robot.
Quality control: Being manufactured entirely in our facilities prevents problems of sealing or irregularities. All our pools undergo exhaustive quality control to guarantee customer satisfaction.


Why are fibreglass pools booming?

Fibreglass pools having beating record numbers for years. In most cases they’re now the first choice of anyone looking for a pool. This is due to all the advantages that polyester pools hold for the client.
Without doubt, the designs are increasingly spectacular and are more than a match for other types of pools. What’s more, the quick installation and peace of mind they offer are undoubtedly a major reason for choosing a polyester pool.

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